Music and research consitute my work and my life. I am driven by my desire to understand what I am experiencing with my ears, eyes, nose, mouth and skin. Hence, I’m always searching for curiosity and imagination – in my encounters with others and with myself.

Research methods

* Qualitative interview techniques
* Participant observation in fieldwork situations
* Archival research and archive curatorship
* Grounding of research findings in theoretical frameworks and existing research

Teaching experience

BA, MA, PhD level
* Lectures
* Seminars
* Individual supervision


* Development of sustainable policies for the future of academic departments and educational programmes
* Organization of international academic conferences
* Scouting of academic talent


* Text writing and editing
* Moderating public discussions and debates
* Public lectures


Research starts with posing the right question. But when is a question right? Music has a huge potential to connect and divide people, to attract and seduce them irresistibly and to abhor them instantly. Hence, what is useful information for one person can be a painful exposure for another person. In my research practice as a musicologist I always work together with those who participate in the music that I am interested in: musicians, listeners and other researchers. Thus, in no way do I own or possess the knowledge I shape and acquire; it has been shared with me, and I consider it to be my job to also share it.

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Everywhere in the world, people play with sound: on musical instruments, with their voice, with their bodies, and in their minds. They enchant and surprise us with their play, they let us move, halt, remember and forget. How does this work? This question is my personal drive.

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I have been travelling since my earliest childhood years. My parents took me along on their journeys to the many islands of the Indonesian archipelago where they worked a couple of months each year. After having gained my MA degree in The Netherlands, I continued my studies at the University of Oxford, with numerous months-long research visits to the German Literature Archive in Marbach am Neckar. My research into maskanda brought me to Durban, South Africa, where I keep coming back. Since a couple of years I also regularly return to Yogyakarta, the town in Central Java where I grew up.

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and organization

Research and teaching at institutions of higher education have increasingly become teamwork during the last few decades. If researchers and lecturers are able to communicate fruitfully within an organization, department or institute, collaboration decisively boosts the quality and dissemination of academic knowledge. As the coordinator of teaching and research programmes at various academic institutions, I have ample experience in creating and managing collaborations and partnerships, in solving policy and budget problems, and in developing sustainable approaches towards ever-changing needs for research and higher education.

As a member of various selection committees (see CV) for the financing of long-term doctoral and postdoctoral research projects, I have ample experience with scouting research talent.

Barbara Titus

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Leerstoelgroep Muziekwetenschap

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18
1012 CP Amsterdam
kamernummer: 2.13
020 525 44 36

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